Fundraising in loving memory of Theo Cutter

We would like to thank Lucy, Jesse and their families for raising £778 for Tiny Lives, in loving memory of Lucy and Jesse’s son, Theo, who sadly passed away on the Special Care Baby Unit in October 2017. Lucy, Jesse and their families have also raised the same amount for Sunderland Neonatal Unit, which is a truly incredible amount for both charities to help future families on both units.

Money raised in loving memory of Theo, Dec 2017

Lucy and Jesse presenting Tiny Lives with money raised in loving memory of Theo.

“On the 30th of September 2017 our little Miracle Theo Cutter was born at 8.45pm at just 24 weeks and 5days and weighing 1 pound 12 ounces we’ve never felt love like it he was the most beautiful boy I’ve ever layed my eyes upon and we couldn’t believe he was ours. Theo Cutter

Since then Theo had a really tough time as he’s kidneys weren’t functioning properly, however Theo being the tough little fighter he was battled on through before being diagnosed with necrotising encolitis which is a infection inside the bowel. With Theo being in a critical condition he was then transferred through to the RVI in Newcastle. Theo became more and more poorly as he’s kidneys were still not functioning properly and the infection could not be fixed through surgery as the surgical team felt he wouldn’t survive a operation. Theo still had his fists up as he tried his very best to battle through this hard time but due to the kidneys eventually failing he’s little heart was running out of stamina and he became weaker and weaker.

Theo left us for the heavens on the 24/10/17. Me and jesse couldn’t be more proud of how brave and strong he was from the day he was born. He was so loved by all of his family and I just want to say a massive thank you to them for supporting me, Jesse and Theo from day 1, I don’t know where we would be without yous. God really does take the best. Sleep tight little man, we love you more than words can say.” – Theo’s mum, Lucy.

Lucy and Jesse’s families will continue to raise money in loving memory of Theo and throughout 2018 they have already planned a charity night at the Steels Social Club, Sunderland, and a team will take on the Sunderland 10km. If you would like to support their fundraising, you can see their fundraising pages below:

Lucy’s Fundraising Page

Raigan’s Fundraising Page

Thank you again to Lucy, Jesse and all of their friends and family who have helped towards raising such an incredible amount so far, helping future babies and their families in Theo’s memory.