Millstone Charity Golf Day 2017

We had a great day on Friday 11th August at the Millstone annual charity golf day in aid of Tiny Lives.  Thank you to Mike Cramman who kindly organised the day along with a BBQ and presentation evening held at the Millstone Pub.

Mike Cramman IMG_20170811_095940

This year the golf day was held at Northumberland Golf Course and raised the amazing amount of £4247.27, which is double the amount raised in 2016. All of this is thanks to lots of people, including Northumberland Golf Course who accepted Tiny Lives as charity of the year and in turn provided the course free of charge for the day, as well as our wonderful golf players who paid an entry fee for a 4 ball, and who purchased a raffle envelope. We also had great support from many companies who sponsored tee holes and donated raffle prizes and as well as supporters making donations on the day.

We also like to say thank you to Tesco Bank for allowing one of their employees to volunteer for the day – Thank you Cath you did a great job getting all the golfers registered for the day.

Cath - Tesco Bank


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photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 10 photo 9 photo 8 photo 7 photo 6 photo 11 photo 12 photo photo 1 photo 2 Tiny Livesb110817


IMG_20170811_210723 IMG_20170811_200325

Special guests at the presentation evening… Katy Bell now 8 years old, born 28 weeks at 2lbs 12oz and Ave Mullarkey now 12 years old, born 28 weeks at 2lbs 12oz.  Who would have thought Katy and Ave could have fitted in to a Claire’s Nest or one of the little nappies (above)

IMG_20170811_195606 IMG_20170811_195621 IMG_20170811_202639 IMG_20170811_204957IMG_20170811_195956 IMG_20170811_200110 IMG_20170811_202229IMG_20170811_195628 IMG_20170811_202845  IMG_20170811_200308 IMG_20170811_200251 IMG_20170811_200431 IMG_20170811_200242 IMG_20170811_195652