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Millstone Charity Golf Day 2017

We had a great day on Friday 11th August at the Millstone annual charity golf day in aid of Tiny Lives.  Thank you to Mike Cramman who kindly organised the day along with a BBQ and presentation evening held at the Millstone Pub.

Mike Cramman IMG_20170811_095940

This year the golf day was held at Northumberland Golf Course and raised the amazing amount of £4247.27, which is double the amount raised in 2016. All of this is thanks to lots of people, including Northumberland Golf Course who accepted Tiny Lives as charity of the year and in turn provided the course free of charge for the day, as well as our wonderful golf players who paid an entry fee for a 4 ball, and who purchased a raffle envelope. We also had great support from many companies who sponsored tee holes and donated raffle prizes and as well as supporters making donations on the day.

We also like to say thank you to Tesco Bank for allowing one of their employees to volunteer for the day – Thank you Cath you did a great job getting all the golfers registered for the day.

Cath - Tesco Bank


IMG_20170811_130941 IMG_20170811_132941 file6  file  file5 file4 file3 file2 file1 file7 file8 IMG_20170811_095924 IMG_20170811_101519 IMG_20170811_100219 IMG_20170811_100116 IMG_20170811_095948  IMG_20170811_102249 IMG_20170811_102817 IMG_20170811_102922 IMG_20170811_102924 IMG_20170811_111252 IMG_20170811_110854 IMG_20170811_105614 IMG_20170811_105126 IMG_20170811_103337 IMG_20170811_111557 IMG_20170811_112044 IMG_20170811_112838 IMG_20170811_113939 IMG_20170811_114919IMG_20170811_130525 IMG_20170811_125517

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 10 photo 9 photo 8 photo 7 photo 6 photo 11 photo 12 photo photo 1 photo 2 Tiny Livesb110817


IMG_20170811_210723 IMG_20170811_200325

Special guests at the presentation evening… Katy Bell now 8 years old, born 28 weeks at 2lbs 12oz and Ave Mullarkey now 12 years old, born 28 weeks at 2lbs 12oz.  Who would have thought Katy and Ave could have fitted in to a Claire’s Nest or one of the little nappies (above)

IMG_20170811_195606 IMG_20170811_195621 IMG_20170811_202639 IMG_20170811_204957IMG_20170811_195956 IMG_20170811_200110 IMG_20170811_202229IMG_20170811_195628 IMG_20170811_202845  IMG_20170811_200308 IMG_20170811_200251 IMG_20170811_200431 IMG_20170811_200242 IMG_20170811_195652




Great North Run – Information for the big day

Simplyhealth Great North Run

IMPORTANT NOTICE! We’ve moved location in the Charity Village!

New Marquee Number

Due to a slight shuffle in the Charity Village, Team Tiny Lives (and a cuppa and snacks!) will now be at marquee 89 in the charity village, instead of number 112.

See the updated map here!

We’re really lucky and have been able to secure a larger space – which is also slightly closer to the finish line! We’ll have loads of space and your friends and family can meet you here to celebrate your half marathon, have a cup of tea while you regale your Great North Run experience… or plan how to carry you home.

We’d love to see as many runners as possible join us so we can say a huge thank you for your support, so please do help us by spreading the word of our new number!

Team Tiny Lives running vests

Tobin Bone

We love our orange vests and hearing stories of strangers in Team Tiny Lives giving each other support during the run… just through recognising the vests!

But it’s so important that you’re comfortable. If you need to swap your vest / tshirt for a different size, please get in touch with Louise or Jade before race day so we can get that sorted for you.

Do Tiny Lives have a cheer point?

Tiny Lives do not have an organised cheer point , however if you’d like to support Team Tiny Lives you can cheer from anywhere along the route! All you have to do is find a spot and look out for the signature orange vests. We know all the runners will appreciate the extra support!

I haven’t received my running number

All Runners Packs and numbers have now been sent out by the Great Run Company, if you haven’t received yours by the 17th August or have any questions please contact

If your pack hasn’t arrived or if you’ve changed your address since registration and haven’t told the Great Run Company you can collect a replacement on the weekend of the event:

Saturday 9th September – 10am – 5pm 
Barilla Great North Run Pasta Party – Gateshead/Newcastle Quayside

Sunday 10th September – open from 7.30am
Town Moor, Exhibition Park (near start line)

I need to defer my place

If you’re unable to take part in the run you can defer your place until 2018 by completing the Great Run Company’s Entry Deferment form here.

You will have to complete this form and get your running number / timing chip back to the Great Run Company by post before the event.

Your entrance fee is non-refundable, and if you would like to defer your place you will have to pay the entry fee for the 2018 event before you can access your token.


Supporting the best way you can…

If you have been a long standing supporter of Tiny Lives we are sure you will remember a few years ago we posted on our facebook page about one very different donation made to Tiny Lives which will leave an everlasting name of Tiny Lives in the farming world.

Baby Maximus Tiny Lives Maximus Tiny Lives #2 IMG_4490

When Max and Elisabeth Welters twin girls Minnie and Tillie were born prematurely in October 2011, they experienced first hand the wonderful care not only their little girls received on the unit but also the care they received as a family.  Max and Elisabeth wanted to give something back and also help to support other babies and families on the unit.  That’s when they came up with the idea to call their heifer (the last calf born on the farm before Minnie and Tillie arrived) Maximus Tiny Lives. The Tiny Lives name will follow on in the Maximus family tree for years to come on the Pedigree certificates. ‘Tiny Lives’ became a minor celebrity for a while featuring on local news and radio, she was prepared for show in October 2013 and raised just under £4k.

‘Tiny Lives’ went off to a new life in Morayshire and Max and Elisabeth kept in touch with the family who purchased her. The Laings had further success with her at the Royal Highland Show a year later and in 2016 ‘Tiny Lives’ bull calf Coulmony Maximus won Reserve Champion at his first show as a calf which is hard to do.  It seemed the right time for the Welters to buy Coulmony Maximus and bring him back to the family farm as their new stock bull.

021 (2)

In early 2017 Coulmony Maximus went to a collection centre in order to make semen straws up for ai. It was done to the highest specification so that they could export his semen worldwide and the family are pleased to report that they made their first sale.  They sold 200 straws to a breeder in America. They told the breeder their story about the girls on the special care baby unit, about Tiny Lives and of course all about Maximus’s mum Maximus Tiny Lives. The family will donate an amount from the sale of each straw raising money for the charity but as Coulmony Maximus sires more offspring he will also continue to raise awareness of the charity as his mum’s name Maximus ‘Tiny Lives’ will appear on each Pedigree certificate issued for registered progeny.

After a busy start to the year, Coulmony Maximus has spent the summer grazing with his new lady friends at the farm in Cumbria. He will then go off to the same prep and pamper farm that his mum Maximus ‘Tiny Lives’ went to before her successful show in 2013. He will spend the winter preparing to be shown in 2018 and the Welters family are keen to take him to the Royal Highland Show which is the pinnacle of the show circuit.

Minnie and Tillie are doing great now and are currently enjoying home education on the family farm in North Cumbria.

twins in qard twins now - 2017

The Big Toddle

Busy Bears and Busy Bees Childrens Day Nursery ‘Big Toddle’

IMG_20170627_094843 IMG_20170627_094858 IMG_20170627_094907 IMG_20170627_094918 IMG_20170627_094933IMG_20170621_094659 IMG_20170621_094657 IMG_20170621_094649 IMG_20170621_094622 IMG_20170621_094609

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the wonderful staff, children and parents at Busy Bears and Busy Bees nursery who raised an amazing amount of £3,017.51 from their toddles and fun activities in nursery due to one day of heavy rain.

Thank you also to Party Perfect North East who have kindly supported the toddles for the last two years by kind providing the Tiny Lives balloons for both nurseries

Busy Bees 2017 Busy Bears 2017