Compercon 2017


In 2016, the compercon team in Tyne and Wear contacted Tiny Lives to say they would like to support the charity at their Compercon 2017 event.  After a lot of hard work from everyone sourcing lots of raffle prizes, organising a fun pack day full of lots of different competitions for people to take part in, they raised an astonishing amount of £8,331.

Tiny Lives went down on the day to talk about how their donations will help us to continue to support babies and families on the neonatal unit at the RVI and it was lovely to meet some many compercon members who travelled far and wide for the day.  We spoke to members who had travelled from Belfast, London, York, Manchester and it was lovely to hear their stories of family members and friends who have experienced the journey of having a baby on the neonatal unit whether at the RVI, Newcastle or their local neonatal unit.

We also received a lovely donation of patchwork quilts which were kindly made by members at the Project Linus.

We really cant say thank you enough to the team in Tyne and Wear for all their hard work in organising the day and also to all the members who attended the day making the above donation possible.


Comper team on the day

Chq collection july 2017

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