Tri Ways 2 Gibraltar

We would like to wish Phil, Alex, Melissa, Clare and the rest of the Tri Ways 2 Gibraltar team the best of luck with their challenge as they set off this afternoon (Monday 26th June), and some say it may be tough, some may say it’s crazy and some may say it’s fun.  But what we can say is we can’t thank these guys enough for taking on this challenge while trying to raise as much funds as possible for Tiny Lives and Smile for Life

What the Tri Ways 2 Gibraltar Challenge involves:

1. Kayaking from Dungeness, Kent to Boulogne, France

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2. Cycling from Boulogne, through France & Spain to Gibraltar


3. Swimming from Gibraltar to Spain and back



Commencing on 26th June 2017, father and son team, Phil and Alex Pugh, will depart from Dungeness in Kent and kayak the 24 nautical miles to Boulogne in Northern France. Friends, Melissa and Clare, will join them on this leg of the Challenge, which should be completed in about 12 hours.

Phil and Alex, accompanied by friends Mike, Kate and Martin, with Steve also providing vehicle support, will then cycle to Gibraltar, a journey of over 1,300 miles. It is expected this leg of the journey will take approximately 2 weeks. The team will ride through France down to the Atlantic coast, where they will cross the Spanish border. The journey will continue through the centre of Spain to Gibraltar.

On arrival in Gibraltar, the pair will swim to Spain and back, a distance of some 19 miles, which is expected to be completed in around 13 hours.

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good luck