Great North Run 2016!

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We’re so privileged over at the Tiny Lives office to get to know our runners and their stories and the Tiny Lives family has some of the most inspiring people we’ve ever met.

We’d also like to thank MTrec for their amazing support in sponsoring the vests, it’s a huge saving to the charity and means that you know that all of your sponsorship go straight to Tiny Lives.

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Mini/Junior GNR 2016

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Team Tiny Lives 2016 and their stories

Kris Allen
Richard Anderson
Kim Armstrong
Bev Armstrong
David Armstrong
Chris Ashall
Jenn Bainbridge
Jo Bell
Lisa Botto
Martyn Bowes
Lisa Briggs
Angela Brown
Neil Brown
Chris Brownless
Laura Brydon
Jane Brydon
Danielle Buckley
Helen Bullock
Beckie Burns
Deborah Callaghan
Thomas Chambers
James Chapman
Matt Charlton
Shaun Clapperton
Neil Collier

Paul Costigan
Rebecca Coulson
Jevon Crawley
Steven Dann
Melanie Dobson
Tony Dobson
Beckie Donnelly
Karron Dorritt
Mark Dorritt
Rachel Dowson
Mark Drummond
Andrew Emmerson
Stuart Evans
Fiona Evans
Catherine Finnigan
Laura Foulkes
Lee Gilder
Kevin Gilmore
helen glendinning
Adam Goldwater
Lucy Graves
Chris Haggie
Graham Haigh
Tony Hanley
Kelly Harrop
Paul Hendry
Alexandra Henry
Lorraine Hetherington
Chris Hilton
Nick Hinchcliffe
Helen Hrisos
Shakeel Hussain
Gill Hutchinson
Kerry Irving
Dave Johnson
Rebecca Joice
Paul Jones
Duncan Jordan
Ashleigh Keenleyside
Michele Kell
Michele Kell
Richard Kelly
Joanne Kemp
Warrick Lambert
Emily Leadon
Janet Long
Andrew Lowes
Allyson M
Laura Marriner
Margaret Marshall
Daniel McCan
Sandra McFaulds
Michael McGowan
Howard Mills
John Mills
Sonia Morton
Phillip Murdy
Karl Murphy
Karl Murphy
Brian Murray
Roisin O’Donnall
Anthony Pickering
Katie Porri
Emma Raine
Kyle Reardon
Stephanie Reed
Nicola Rickelton
Louise Riggs
Jonathan Robinson
Vicky Robson
Paul Robson
Laura Robson
Amy Ruffle
Leanne Rutherford
chris savage
Susan Sheehan-Watson
Vicky Sinski
Gemma Soulsby
Tracy Spark
Kirsty-Louise Stuart
Gordon Stuart
Laurence Tate
Joy Tennet
Sophie Thielmann
Janni Thornton
Paul Townsley
Ian Trenholme
Paul Veevers
Stephen Wallace
Simon Ward
Angela Warne
Verity Watson
Lee Wilkinson
Joshua Williams
Chris Wilson
Keith Wood
Matthew Wrigglesworth
Andrew Younger