Lana Kaye Murphy Memorial Football Match 2016

On Saturday 30 April 2016, Lana Kaye Murphy second memorial football match took place at Mariner’s Park, South Shields and raised £2k.

Gemma Karl and Lana Murphy

Programme IMG_20160430_131615

Little Rock Rovers vs FC ET Iris 24.10

At the end of the match it was 2-0 to Little Rock Rovers.

The meaning of the team names are (Lana means little rock in Gaelic) and Et Iris 24.10 (Et Iris is Latin for rainbow and rainbow is reference to the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which was played at Lana’s funeral.  The 24.10 is Lana birth date.)

Thank you to all team members, family and friends who supported the day, by selling raffle tickets, baking cakes, donating food for the team and guests after the match and not forgetting everyone who made donations towards the wonderful raffle that took place on the evening.

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