Reach For The Sky!

On Easter Sunday, Global Make Some Noise, Heart North East and Irwin Mitchell teamed up with Vue Cinema-Gateshead to hold a very special screening of the one and only original Toy Story in 3D.

If was a great morning with lots going and we even had special guests saying hello to the children and parents before and after the show….

IMG_1047 IMG_1054

IMG_1056 IMG_1060

IMG_1066 IMG_1110

IMG_1105 IMG_1104

IMG_1097 IMG_1095

IMG_1093 IMG_1068

IMG_1123 IMG_1128

IMG_1134 IMG_1136

IMG_1139 IMG_1161

IMG_1158 IMG_1155

IMG_1153 IMG_1151

IMG_1162 IMG_1163

IMG_1166 IMG_1167

IMG_1170 IMG_1185

IMG_1183 IMG_1182

IMG_1177 IMG_1171

IMG_1186 IMG_1201

IMG_1189 IMG_1233

IMG_1239 IMG_1243

IMG_1253 IMG_1254

IMG_1273 IMG_1291

IMG_1283 IMG_1282


IMG_1256 IMG_1292

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