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Team Poppy at the Mad March Mare 2016


Poppy Soulsby

The beginning of March was quite a cold one this year, but that didn’t stop Poppy Soulsby’s mum and 5 friends from tackling a 10km multi-terrain assault course in the depths of Northumberland!

Mum and friends raised an incredible £1,987.50 for the Tiny Lives Trust in honour of the two months that Poppy spent on SCBU after being born at 25+2 last September.

beforeafter poppy

With Poppy waiting for them beyond the finish line (aka a 6 ft wall!), they had all the motivation they needed for that final stretch.

Thank you to Gemma Soulsby, Lynda Carty, Joanne Punton, Claire Burn, Melanie Dunn and Lucy Eager for their hard work in not only running (or tackling) the course in honour of Poppy but for raising such an amazing amount in the process!


We all do something different for Charity


One bus driver from Stagecoach NE, went that extra mile to look like Santa Claus while drivers at Stagecoach NE fundraised for three local charities in December 2015.

When Neil Cook, mentioned he would grow his beard to try and raise more funds for Tiny Lives, someone suggested he should also get it dyed and the kind hearted man Neil is, he done it

20151125_093335 20151125_113905

20151125_092828 20151125_093259

After a year of his daughter not kissing him (as she didn’t like the beard) Neil raised over £500 for Tiny Lives.

20151125_111034 20151125_102649

We cant thank everyone for supporting Neil and helping him to raised such an amazing amount.

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Check out this challenge…


Wheelchair Steve’s Metro 60 Charity Challenge

Wheel Chair Steve

The Metro 60 Charity Challenge will take place on Tuesday 26th April 2016 with a target to raise £60,000 for 11 charities based in the North East of England.

Steve Wilkinson (“WheelchairSteve“), assisted by Paul Lawton and Phil Pugh, will board the 6.04AM train from Newcastle Airport Metro Station. They will get off at Callerton moments later, where they will wait until next train arrives and board that train. This process will continue at each station until all 60 Tyne & Wear Metro Stations have been visited.

It is estimated that, allowing for breaks, the entire Metro 60 Charity Challenge will take about 15 hours, so it’s expected to finish at St. James’ at around 9.00 – 9.30pm.

Click here to help Steve reach his target and support 11 charities in the North East

Station Sponsorship

We’re inviting businesses, community groups, pubs, sports teams, etc to donate £100 or more for a Metro station of their choice to help us reach our £60,000 target to be shared between the 11 North East Charities.

For every £100 donation received, Your business or group logo and a link to your website will feature on the appropriate Metro station page on Steve’s website (until September 2016).

You business/group will also be mentioned in regular daily tweets/posts on Twitter/Facebook until the end of April when the Challenge takes place.