Christmas on the Special Care Baby Unit

Christmas is always a special time of year to spend with family and loved ones. For up to 35 families a year Christmas is spent on the Special Care Baby Unit.

Each journey and every moment on the SCBU forms memories which will stay with the family, and so the staff of the unit and Tiny Lives are committed to making this first Christmas one to be cherished.

This includes the funding of;Santaboos 1

  • Christmas gifts for each baby
  • Christmas decorations to make the SCBU a festive place to be
  • A specially made ‘Christmas 2015’ ornament memento for each family
  • Selection boxes for each baby to give to their siblings, helping siblings bond with their new brother or sister

“Christmas is a difficult time to spend in hospital.   Parents with sick preterm infants experience an emotional roller-coaster whilst they are here and as staff we try to ensure that the journey of their baby forms the first long lasting memories that they will share with their baby when it grows up.” – Matron of the Special Care Baby Unit.

Extra selection boxes were also donated by Children’s Choice Nursery in Monkseaton this year so true to tradition, there was definitely enough chocolate to go around!!

At the beginning of 2016, hand-held DVD players and a library of DVD’s to choose from will also be introduced on the Special Care Baby Unit all year round to keep older siblings happy and comfortable while visiting their new brother or sister… giving mum and dad a bit of a break too!