Who would have thought…

Looking at Callum Hendry now you would have never thought he was on the Special Care Baby Unit at the RVI weighing only 3lb 10oz.

Callum is a big sports fan and enjoys his running, so maybe in a couple of years time Callum will be taking part in the GNR

Callum Hendry 1 Callum 2015 - 6 Callum 2015 - 4

Callum 2015 - 3 Callum 2015 - 2 Callum 2015 - 1

Below: Callum’s first Pro Youth game for Queens Park Glasgow

IMG_0431 IMG_0427 IMG_0432

We would also like to thank Callum’s dad Paul and his two friends Steven and Rob for taking part in this year GNR 2015 for Tiny Lives.

Below is Callum’s story, which is on our website under ‘Your Stories’

Callum was born at 29 weeks weighing just 3lb 10oz on 6th September 2005 at Newcastle RVI while we were on holiday from Scotland in Kielder Forest.  On arrival at Newcastle RVI an emergency caesarean section was carried out as we were advised if Callum was not delivered within about 10 minutes he might not survive. We were told by the consultants that a placental abruption had occurred but we do not know if it was the rapid onset of preterm labour which forced the placenta away or if the placenta came away first bringing labour on.

Callum was then rushed straight to Intensive care where he spent about 24 hours being ventilated before being moved onto CPAP.  His arm was badly bruised due to the difficult delivery and his arm was X-rayed, as there was a chance that it was broken. However this proved to be negative. Callum was stabilised over a period of 8 days in Newcastle RVI and we were lucky enough to have our first cuddles with him during this time.  Callum also received his first blood transfusion at Newcastle RVI, before being transferred to Glasgow Princess Royal Maternity.

During his time at Glasgow Princess Royal Maternity Callum received a second blood transfusion and received 2 doses of antibiotics due to suspected infections but luckily for him these infections proved to be negative.  He was also weaned off CPAP but spent a long time linked to an apnoea monitor and would also suffer from bradicardias right up until about 5 days before going home.

Callum spent a total of 60 days in hospita.l However once he was home we had to pay a visit to Yorkhill Sick Children’s hospital for an MRI scan as there was a suspected bleed close to one of Callums ventricles and his ventricles were also on the larger side of normal and may have been squashing part of his brain.  We were given the good news of this scan on Christmas Eve 2005 showing that there had been a minor bleed but there was nothing to worry about and that his ventricles were not causing a problem.  We could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

The staff at Newcastle RVI saved our son’s life and we owe them so much.  This has encouraged us to raise funds for Tiny Lives over the years and we have recently completed the BUPA Great North Run.  This felt an appropriate way to raise funds for Tiny Lives as the run starts just a short distance from the RVI and we will continue to raise funds in the future.

Paul and Yvonne Hendry