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Charity Night

IMG_20150912_192539 IMG_20150912_192507 IMG_20150912_192946

We would like to thank Brian and Rachel along with all their family and friends for raising the wonderful amount of £1375 for Tiny Lives.

Brian kindly organised another charity night this year in loving memory of his wife Ruth, raising funds for Tiny Lives and Macmillan.  With help from friends and family the night was a great success and there was even a special auction held (raising £675) with great auction prizes donated from Toon Legends .

Thank you to the Lindisfarne Club for holding the charity night in their function room, STAN for proving live entertainment, Print North East for printing all the invite tickets and last but not least to everyone who kindly donated a raffle prize, everyone who came on the evening to support this wonderful charity night.

IMG_20150912_203531 IMG_20150912_203221 IMG_20150912_203559

IMG_20150912_202808 IMG_20150912_202815 IMG_20150912_202825

IMG_20150912_202921 IMG_20150912_202926 IMG_20150912_202948

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IMG_20150912_192420 IMG_20150912_192427 IMG_20150912_192441

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Great North Run 2015

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Everyone at Tiny Lives would like to say a massive thank you to all our runners who took part in the run on Sunday, it was great to see everyone who came back to the charity marquee for refreshments.  We would also like to say thank you to our wonderful volunteers Andrew, Jill, Ria, Angie and Gordon.  We also had a lovely visit from Alice (above) who was on the SCBU in 2014

IMG_20150913_090731 IMG_20150913_090709 IMG_20150913_154421

12004888_10153334125134261_8003643070153599645_n IMG_20150913_112952 IMG_20150913_095331

IMG_20150913_095400 12011254_10153334123594261_8159864889791337835_n IMG_20150913_105937

Adam and Bobbi Goldwater IMG_20150913_135229 IMG_20150913_135235

Peter Kullar IMG_20150913_151549 IMG_20150913_151556

IMG_20150913_151958 IMG_20150913_152659 IMG_20150913_131153

IMG_20150913_154531 Mark and Max Pollard 4 Nigel Addison

Paul Hendry, Rob Kennedy, Stephen Wallace Paul Mcdonald Celia Bouch

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IMG_20150913_125944 IMG_20150913_134124 IMG_20150913_130243

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IMG_20150913_145125 IMG_20150913_150147 Sarah Marchant

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Pat and Jane

Tobin is proud of his Daddy and Uncle


It was lovely to meet Mattie, Cheryl and their little smiler Tobin at the Special Care Baby when they kindly donated over £1k which was raised from Mattie and Jason’s c2c bike ride.

Mattie and Jason decided to take on this challenge after Tobin spent time on the Special Care Baby Unit when he was born this year.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Mattie and Jason and not forgetting to thank Mattie and Jason too for cycling 130miles and to Cheryl and Tobin for being a great support team.


Tobin Bone WP_20150823_22_22_05_Pro WP_20150825_14_43_35_Pro

WP_20150825_14_46_34_Pro 635759961606278822

Charity Golf Day 2015

Even with torrential rain, our charity golf day was a great success.

The players never stopped smiling and there was a great atmosphere around Gosforth Golf Club, from putting games in the club house to buying raffle tickets for the presentation evening.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mike Cramman who kindly organised the charity golf day for the second year running, to everyone who donated a prize, to Sainsbury’s Local for kindly donating the food for the BBQ (which had to be held inside because of the rain 🙁 ), to the Mill Stone Pub for hosting the presentation evening , to the three local bands who kindly support the evening by providing guests with live music.  Not forgetting to say a massive thank you to our wonderful golfers and supporters for making it all happen.

Big thank you to Tesco Bank, Longbenton for kindly allowing members of staff to come along and help on the day.

We couldn’t have done it without any of you – so once again a massive thank you for helping Mike to raise over £2k for Tiny Lives.

Team 14 Team 13 Team 12

Team 8 Team 11 Team 10

Team 9 Team 28 Team 5

Team 4 Team 3 Team 7

Team 2 Team 1 Team 30

Team 29 Team 6 Team 18

Team 26 Team 27 Team 25

Team 24 Team 23 Team 22

Team 21 Team 20 Team 19

Team 17 Team 16 Team 15

Photo 16 Photo 13 Photo 14

Photo 15 Photo 27 Photo 30

photo 29 Photo 21 Photo 22

Photo 23 Photo 25 Photo 19

IMG_20150814_194811 IMG_20150814_194804 IMG_20150814_194751

Photo 10 Photo 18 Photo 12

Photo 26 Photo 11 IMG_20150814_201435

IMG_20150814_201415 IMG_20150814_201321 IMG_20150814_194727

IMG_20150814_194719 IMG_20150814_194707 IMG_20150814_194658

IMG_20150814_194653 IMG_20150814_194612 IMG_20150814_194602

IMG_20150814_194554 IMG_20150814_194548 IMG_20150814_194459

IMG_20150814_194451 IMG_20150814_194443 Mike

Mike and winner Trophy 1 trophy

trophy 3 Trophy 2 raffle 5

raffle 4 raffle 3 raffle 2

Band Band 2 facebook-20150813-202538

Family Fun Day

It was a great Family Fun Day!  Thanks to all the families at RAF Boulmer for choosing Tiny Lives as their charity of the year.

RAF Boulmer Family Fun Day Aug 2015

The Sky’s the limit

Thank you to Lauren Thorpe who was a very brave lady and completed a sky dive for Tiny Lives and also raised over £600 – a massive thank you again and also to everyone who sponsored Lauren.

‘I wanted to show my appreciation for all of the amazing work neonatal did for my baby Tallulah who was born prematurely sept 14th 2015’.

Lauren Thorpe - skydive 2 jpg Lauren Thorpe - skydive 1 FB_IMG_1440405450129

FB_IMG_1440405428072 FB_IMG_1440405439937 FB_IMG_1440405458900

Who would have thought…

Looking at Callum Hendry now you would have never thought he was on the Special Care Baby Unit at the RVI weighing only 3lb 10oz.

Callum is a big sports fan and enjoys his running, so maybe in a couple of years time Callum will be taking part in the GNR

Callum Hendry 1 Callum 2015 - 6 Callum 2015 - 4

Callum 2015 - 3 Callum 2015 - 2 Callum 2015 - 1

Below: Callum’s first Pro Youth game for Queens Park Glasgow

IMG_0431 IMG_0427 IMG_0432

We would also like to thank Callum’s dad Paul and his two friends Steven and Rob for taking part in this year GNR 2015 for Tiny Lives.

Below is Callum’s story, which is on our website under ‘Your Stories’

Callum was born at 29 weeks weighing just 3lb 10oz on 6th September 2005 at Newcastle RVI while we were on holiday from Scotland in Kielder Forest.  On arrival at Newcastle RVI an emergency caesarean section was carried out as we were advised if Callum was not delivered within about 10 minutes he might not survive. We were told by the consultants that a placental abruption had occurred but we do not know if it was the rapid onset of preterm labour which forced the placenta away or if the placenta came away first bringing labour on.

Callum was then rushed straight to Intensive care where he spent about 24 hours being ventilated before being moved onto CPAP.  His arm was badly bruised due to the difficult delivery and his arm was X-rayed, as there was a chance that it was broken. However this proved to be negative. Callum was stabilised over a period of 8 days in Newcastle RVI and we were lucky enough to have our first cuddles with him during this time.  Callum also received his first blood transfusion at Newcastle RVI, before being transferred to Glasgow Princess Royal Maternity.

During his time at Glasgow Princess Royal Maternity Callum received a second blood transfusion and received 2 doses of antibiotics due to suspected infections but luckily for him these infections proved to be negative.  He was also weaned off CPAP but spent a long time linked to an apnoea monitor and would also suffer from bradicardias right up until about 5 days before going home.

Callum spent a total of 60 days in hospita.l However once he was home we had to pay a visit to Yorkhill Sick Children’s hospital for an MRI scan as there was a suspected bleed close to one of Callums ventricles and his ventricles were also on the larger side of normal and may have been squashing part of his brain.  We were given the good news of this scan on Christmas Eve 2005 showing that there had been a minor bleed but there was nothing to worry about and that his ventricles were not causing a problem.  We could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

The staff at Newcastle RVI saved our son’s life and we owe them so much.  This has encouraged us to raise funds for Tiny Lives over the years and we have recently completed the BUPA Great North Run.  This felt an appropriate way to raise funds for Tiny Lives as the run starts just a short distance from the RVI and we will continue to raise funds in the future.

Paul and Yvonne Hendry