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Mum’s zip wire over the Tyne

When Emma decided to take on a personal challenge to raise funds for Tiny Lives, it turned in to two personal challenges.

Emma signed up to zip wire over the River Tyne but she also took on the challenge to lose weigh and has managed to lose 4 stone – well done 🙂

IMG_20140906_173324 DSC_0068

This amazing zip wire took place to raise funds for Tiny Lives so Emma could support other parents who are on the Special Care Baby Unit.  Emma’s son Josh who is now six was born on 10th April 2008at 26 weeks and 3 days – to ready Josh’s story go to (6th story from the bottom).

Josh Ryan Leader 1 From 0 to 6  IMG_20141030_102415


Thank you again to Emma and well done on doing two amazing challenges and also thank you to everyone who supported and sponsored Emma.

Halloween Night for Leeds Building Society Staff and Friends

Leeds Building Society staff organised another great Halloween evening and also raised over £500 for Tiny Lives.


Thank you to everyone who attended, donated a raffle prize and also to the local butchers who kindly donated the pies and peas.

IMG_20141029_204747  IMG_20141029_200557

Below is just some of the great things your support enables us to fund.

IMG_20141029_200543 IMG_20141029_200535



A massive thank you to Callum above with his mum and grandma for helping on the night


IMG_20141029_201712 IMG_20141029_201643

IMG_20141029_201533 IMG_20141029_201448

IMG_20141029_201416 IMG_20141029_200741

IMG_20141029_200733 IMG_20141029_201626



IMG_20141029_200723   IMG_20141029_204114 let the quiz begin