Great North Run 2014

We had an amazing day on Sunday 7th September, it was lovely to see our runners and to thank them personally for their great support to Tiny Lives.

For our supporters that couldn’t make it back to the marquee – well done for completing an amazing run and your support.

Thank you to MTrec ( for sponsoring our running vests again this year, it’s great to have such good support from local companies and for our runners to spot other runners in their vests is excellent.


IMG_20140907_111606 IMG_20140907_113941 IMG_20140907_115956

Above are our wonderful volunteers and supporters who came along on the day – A BIG THANK YOU


Before our runners arrived

IMG_20140907_100446 IMG_20140907_100505

IMG_20140907_100512 IMG_20140907_100521

Below – all our wonderful runners – A MASSIVE THANK YOU

IMG_20140907_142104 IMG_20140907_141155 IMG_20140907_140758

IMG_20140907_135015 IMG_20140907_134321 IMG_20140907_133607

IMG_20140907_134258 IMG_20140907_134219 IMG_20140907_133741

IMG_20140907_133703 IMG_20140907_133649 IMG_20140907_153746

IMG_20140907_152930 IMG_20140907_152604 IMG_20140907_152552

IMG_20140907_152235 IMG_20140907_151803 IMG_20140907_133540

IMG_20140907_150741 IMG_20140907_150503 IMG_20140907_150356

IMG_20140907_150001 IMG_20140907_145946 IMG_20140907_145904

IMG_20140907_145646 IMG_20140907_144745 IMG_20140907_143342

IMG_20140907_143251 IMG_20140907_142139 IMG_20140907_133620

IMG_20140907_130721 IMG_20140907_125810 IMG_20140907_124430

Below – Joe took part in the Mini GNR and came to meet his mum and dad who took part in the run

IMG_20140907_121516 IMG_20140907_121513 IMG_20140907_134309

Well done to Kelly and Sarah who are staff members on the Special Care Unit, they came to say hello after the run

IMG_20140907_151707 IMG_20140907_133012


IMG_20140907_100542 IMG_20140907_100448