From Tough Mudders to Fashion Shows and lots more

We have had some great fundraising so far this year from buskers night to Tough Mudders to Memorial football tournaments to fashion shows to It’s a Knockout 2014 and this is only naming a few,  here are some pictures of our great supporters in action.   


Buskers Night held by Harton Sports Centre

Buskers-night-total-434x234 Buskers-Check-Presentation-5


Tough Mudder in Scotland

photo 1 photo 4

tm13 photo 3

photo 2


Tesco Bank Fashion Show

group photo fashion show 2014 IMG_20140611_204924

IMG_20140611_202302 IMG_20140611_204821


Tough Mudder in York

photo 1 photo 8

photo 5 photo 7

photo 6


Memorial Football Tournament in loving memory of Ethan

 IMG_20140712_101311 Ethan's fooball top

IMG_20140712_110005 IMG_20140712_101219


It’s a Knockout 2014

image 3 amount raisedimage 2

image 1

Celebrating 1st Birthdays while fundraising

Photo 4 Photo 1

Photo 2 Photo 3

With all your support we can continue to support babies and families on the Special Care Baby Unit and also staff members. Thank you very much, we are what we are because of you.

IMG_20140702_093351  Felix2

Miniboo rubymae1_day_old