The difference 3 hours makes…

Keepsake diaryOur volunteeers help parents at one of the most critical times in their lives.  Each family gets a package of support: a journal, camera, and progress stickers to record those critical moments.  And a Tiny Lives teddy and unique quilt all in a special memory box. Our volunteers play a key part in helping fund this package of support for 700 families each year.

Can you spare a morning or afternoon to bag pack for Tiny on Saturday 4 May in M&S in Newcastle?  It’s always a busy, fun, 3 hourson these volunteer bag packing days and many of our volunteers come with a friend. Then you can go shopping afterwards!

If we don’t already have your details from a previous bag pack or event please contact us for a volunteers form so we have your emergency contact information, etc.

Ring Louise on 0191 230 2112 or email