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Daryl Davison’s Story

Daryl Davison - being weighed

  On the 19th September 2007, whilst 26 weeks pregnant I visited the nurse due to changing my GP. During a routine check my blood… Read more “Daryl Davison’s Story”

As told by her proud mum, Diane Davison

Aimee, Callum and Hannah’s Story


Above: Hannah, Aimee and Callum shortly after they were born Above: Callum, Hannah and Aimee at home I just turned 35 in November 2012 and with… Read more “Aimee, Callum and Hannah’s Story”

Louis, Aimee and Sofia Christie’s Story

The Christies

Aimee, Louis and Sofia, made their entrance into the world almost 8 weeks early, weighing just 3lb 11oz, 3lb 3oz and 2lb 1oz respectively.  As… Read more “Louis, Aimee and Sofia Christie’s Story”

Jamie’s Story

image (2)

   I first found out about Tiny Lives and the RVI Special Care Baby Unit in Sept 2013 when the company I work for chose… Read more “Jamie’s Story”

Theo Alexander’s Story

TL Flower Square

In loving memory of Theo Alexander Hi I’m Jamie Alexander Leslie-Love, others may know me as “Beaker”. In July 2013 my wife, Joanna (“JoJo”), and… Read more “Theo Alexander’s Story”

As told by his parents, Jamie and Joanna

Noah Clarey’s Story

Noah and sister at home

Noah is our million dollar baby On 2nd May 2014 Helens waters broke at 22 weeks pregnant. At the hospital we were told it was likely… Read more “Noah Clarey’s Story”

As told by his dad