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Nathaniel’s Story


Our daughter Lara was admitted to the R.V.I. in Newcastle upon Tyne at 26 weeks pregnant in pain and losing blood. She was given steroids… Read more “Nathaniel’s Story”

Euan and Rory’s Story

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In loving memory of Rory. On 11th March 2013,  Andrea and I had our world turned upside down. Andrea was 24 weeks pregnant, expecting twin… Read more “Euan and Rory’s Story”

As told by dad, Jonathan

Charlie Wilson’s Story

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My 2nd pregnancy, so excited but then my waters break at 27+3. I hold on for another week and my baby boy is born at… Read more “Charlie Wilson’s Story”

As told by his proud mum, Stephanie

Felix West’s Story


In January 2012 my son Felix was born and despite a reluctance to leave the womb he eventually arrived and was seemingly fit and healthy. However,… Read more “Felix West’s Story”

As told by his dad, Paul

Ethan Jai Richardson’s Story

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In loving memory of Ethan Jai Richardson Ethan Jai Richardson one of the greatest angels in the sky – proud parents Stacie and Martin tell… Read more “Ethan Jai Richardson’s Story”

As told by his mum Stacie and dad Martin

Martha Watson’s Story

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In loving memory of Martha Watson. Our princess angel Martha Watson 10/08/06 -12/08/06 My husband and I had been married just over a year when… Read more “Martha Watson’s Story”