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Ella Marie Smith’s Story

Ella Smith 2

Tiny but perfect, born 18th January 2007 at 25 weeks, weighing 1lb 12oz    My waters broke in the middle of the night, without warning,… Read more “Ella Marie Smith’s Story”

Told by Vicky and Mark Smith, Ella’s proud parents

Tilly May Adamson’s Story

Tilly May Adamson 2

In loving memory of Tilly May Adamson.    Tilly started her little journey way back in December 2007. Aimey and Peter had been longing for… Read more “Tilly May Adamson’s Story”

As told by her parents, Aimey and Peter Adamson

Beth and Rachael Nichol’s Story


In May 1995 my husband Bruce and I were delighted to discover that we were expecting our first baby due on or around 6 January… Read more “Beth and Rachael Nichol’s Story”

As told by their mum, Pam

Brodie Craik’s Story

Brodie Craik 2

The Biggest Boy on the Ward…   Our beautiful son Brodie was born as a full term baby at Wansbeck hospital on February 20th 2009.… Read more “Brodie Craik’s Story”

As told by his parents, Francesca and Jonathan

Annie Bloomfield’s Story

Annie Bloomfield 2

  Annie Bloomfield born 24+5 weeks. 1lb 8oz. Annie’s early months in the womb had hinted that this might not be an easy pregnancy, but… Read more “Annie Bloomfield’s Story”

As told by her mum

Henry’s Story

Henry Wiseman 2

  Henry was born by emergency caesarean at 34 weeks due to my severe Pre-eclampsia.  He weighed 4lbs 6oz and needed a little help with… Read more “Henry’s Story”

As told by his proud mum Celia