Risk assessment and insurance

It is important that people fundraising for Tiny Lives consider the risks associated with their event/activity and plan accordingly. The Health and Safety Executive has further information that could prove useful (www.hse.gov.uk).

If you are organising an event or an activity that involves other people, it is important to consider whether you may need to take out an insurance policy to cover you for any personal liabilities that could arise. Please note that the Tiny Lives Trust cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage, personal injury or accident sustained in the course of fund-raising on behalf of Tiny Lives.  Persons undertaking hazardous pursuits in aid of Tiny Lives do so at their own risk.

There are many different types of insurance that can be bought and it is important that you obtain specialist advice by contacting some insurance brokers and discussing your plans in more detail (google “fundraising insurance” as a starting point). If you are hiring a venue, it is also worth checking to see what insurance they may already have in place that would cover your event, what they consider you to be responsible for and any specific insurance requirements that they may have.

Some common types of insurance cover that are worth considering include:

  • Public liability insurance – this type of policy covers your liability in the event that members of the public sustain injury or property damage as a result of the negligence of the organiser of a fundraising event/activity (or their volunteers).
  • Event insurance – If your event is disrupted (e.g. by bad weather conditions or other problems on the day) you may still be liable for overheads such as venue costs or find yourself having to refund ticket sales or entry fees. This type of policy will cover your liabilities in the event that something goes wrong with the event leading to cancellation.
  • Money/event takings insurance – this type of insurance policy will insure the money raised at your event in the event of a theft and is worth considering, especially if you are expecting to handle large amounts of cash.
  • Employers liability insurance – this type of policy covers organisers for any injuries/illness that may happen to volunteers as a result of them helping at your event/fundraising activity. Volunteers can be classed as employees in some circumstances so it is worth exploring this if you think there are any risks to their health and safety.


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