Fundraising with your friends and colleagues

TeddyThere are lots of fun things you can do with your family, friends and colleagues to raise money for Tiny Lives.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Auction/raffle…do you know people who would donate their time and skills as prizes (e.g. cleaning, ironing, gardening, decorating, dog walking) or could you ask local businesses to donate prizes? You could hold a raffle or auction them instead by writing out a bidding sheet for each prize and pass it around your friends/family/colleagues to record their bids. Some people have made successful of social media sites like Facebook to hold auctions too.
  • Do you like to cook and entertain friends? Could you run a games evening for friends? Or hold a dinner party or summer BBQ at home? Or maybe even a children’s party? Charge a small fee for taking part and invite everyone to contribute to food/drink.
  • How about running a £5 draw?  Each person writes his or her name on a £5 note. The winner gets 25% of the total and the runner-up gets their £5 back. With 40 participants, that’s £50 to the winner and £145 for Tiny Lives.
  • Do you like quizzes? Could you write a monthly quiz, print copies and sell it to your friends, family or colleagues for a small fee, e.g. £1?
  • What about holding some small competitions amongst your colleagues at work and charge a small fee for taking part. Embarrassment is guaranteed when you collect everyone’s baby photos and ask people to guess their identities! What about having an amaryllis race by planting bulbs in pots and seeing whose is the first to flower, or a sunflower race? Good old fashioned ideas such as guess the weight of a cake, number of sweets in a jar and so on can all raise money too.
  • Perhaps something that will appeal to our younger supporters…could you fill a sweet tube with coins or ask people to donate leftover foreign coins and change them into sterling. What about trying to collect a mile of pennies (a mere 84,480 pennies or £844.80!)
  • At work, could you organise a “dress down” or “dress up” day, where people pay a small fee for taking part? You could make a day of it, and ask people to contribute some home baking to sell in aid of Tiny Lives throughout the day.


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