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The Tiny Lives Trust are proud to have supported Neonatal Research team on Ward 35 at the RVI, Newcastle to develop The Butterfly Project. An educational resource for healthcare professionals across the globe.

Thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of families, individuals and businesses, Tiny Lives have been able to fund part of the research behind The Butterfly Project, and the creation of the films to bring the resource to life.

About The Butterfly Project

Most women who have a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more) do not have complications, but sadly, every day in the UK at least one baby from a multiple pregnancy dies. The Butterfly Project wanted to start to understand what it felt like to be a parent who has had to face such a difficult challenge and conducted a research project. They spoke to parents who had lost at least one baby, and had a least one surviving baby from a multiple pregnancy, and spoke to midwives, doctors and nurses to hear about their experiences.

The Butterfly Project has created an educational website, developed to help healthcare staff understand what it feels like to be a parent, and includes short film clips for the key themes, along with other stories and resources. The aim is to improve and share understanding of this challenging situation.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can access the resource at

Order Butterfly Cot Cards for your Neonatal Unit

• Email our friends at
• Detail how many cot cards are required and the delivery address.
• Sign up on the site as a customer.
• The Sales team will then add the item to your account basket.
• You then need to pay for the cards and email to confirm that payment has been made.

For any issues, please contact and they will be happy to assist.


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