Family Integrated Care

ClaireCMy name is Claire Campbell I am a sister on the neonatal unit and have worked there for over 20 years. Much of the family centred care we offer would be impossible without support from Tiny Lives.  For example, Tiny Lives have been instrumental in helping me set up a parents support ” buddy group” for families to share experiences and support one another and also meets the cost of many of the initatives that support parents on the unit. Tiny Lives has also funded study days and education programmes to support staff in providing the best care possible.

Parent resources and mementos

Tiny Lives has met the costs of various innovative schemes that aim to help parents to play an active role in the care of their baby, and help to support them and their wider family at a stressful time in their lives. These have included:

  • The funding of Parent Packs for each new family on the Unit, containing a range of small comforts (such as hand cream, tissues, lip balm and a notebook) as well as the ‘Tiny Lives, Big Memories’ diary. This diary – designed in collaboration with staff on the Neonatal Unit – allows parents to create a forever keepsake of their time on the Unit. It features space to record important moments and milestones, for example handprints, footprints and when their baby joins ‘the Kilo Club’! It also includes Milestone Cards and stickers, to empower parents in celebrating their child’s big moments and successes whilst under the care of the Neonatal Unit.

Parent Packs (2018) Edit

  • The funding of Sibling Packs for young children with new siblings on the Unit, including a story book and colouring book designed to help explain the Neonatal Unit and why their sibling may be there, as well as a craft activity pack. These packs are designed to help siblings feel more secure in the hospital environment, encouraging them to take an interest in the care and development of their new brother or sister. It is also hoped that the craft packs will help to reduce stress, boredom and anxiety during longer periods on the Ward.

Please Note – The Sibling Packs are currently a trial initiative. 100 packs have been given out to see how parents and siblings like them, if we receive positive feedback they will be continued. If your child has received one of these packs and you would like to give us some feedback, please do contact us on

Sibling Packs on Unit (May 2019)

  • Tiny Lives has supported the development of a Bliss affiliated Buddy Group on the unit by funding the cost of printing contact cards and helping to spread the word amongst families via word-of-mouth and posters. The Buddy Group helps parents of babies on the unit to meet and talk with others who have had similar experiences, allowing them to chat, relax for a few hours and potentially make friends for life!

Lesley Walker and the Cards on the ward.

Staff nurse Lesley Walker, who works on Ward 35 has been in post for 25 years and enjoys making cards by hand in her own time, for the babies and their families for many different occasions. These include Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas as well as on multi-cultural occasions.  There are also cards provided for Mums, Dads and siblings birthdays and special ‘with love’ cards for mum and dad if they need cheering up. Lesleu usually puts inside a hand or footprint in the card using sensitised labels and wipes, which makes it special for the parents and something which can be treasured forever. Tiny Lives has always funded the materials for making the cards and parents value and treasure them hugely.


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