Environmental improvements

Premature babies are very sensitive to their environments and Tiny Lives has funded the purchase of several practical and technological innovations that help to create a calm environment for the babies on the ward and reduce stress.

Tiny Lives also pays for improvements that help to create a homely environment for families who spend many hours on the unit with their baby.

Reclining Chairs

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Parent Consultation survey in 2015, letting us know what would have improved your time while on the Special Care Baby Unit. Thanks to your feedback and support, Ward 35 now has 5 reclining chairs to help parents get and stay comfortable while visiting the Unit.

Paul and George

George and his dad enjoying some cuddle time

“I can still remember the first time I held George – he was 7 days old, still only weighed 1lb 3oz, and was attached to the ventilator… I was frightened to move in case I dislodged this tube and took away his oxygen. The chair I was sat on was the type of chair you’d expect to find in a doctor’s waiting room; plastic, hard and extremely uncomfortable! After about 5 minutes of holding George, during what was the most amazing experience, my back was in absolute agony due to sitting in the same position, not daring to move an inch, for so long. We could only hold him for about 20 minutes a day at first due to the fact he was so poorly, however after that time we’d spend the next few hours with a sore back. After about 6 weeks on the unit, Tiny Lives purchased some reclining (infection prevention friendly!) arm chairs. The difference these chairs made to holding George cannot be described.”

Noise Level Monitors

Noise can increase a baby’s stress level and interfere with their sleep. Tiny Lives has funded the purchase of “big electronic ears” which monitor noise levels and inform staff when the level is not acceptable for a baby’s development.

Noise Monitor 2

Parents flats

There are three ‘rooming in’ rooms on Ward 35 where parents can stay overnight with their babies in preparation for going home. The rooms often mark the end of a long neonatal journey and offer parents some much valued privacy, with the reassurance that staff are close at hand should they be needed.

Tiny Lives has met the costs of refurbishing the parents flats so that they provide a comfortable, homely environment for the families that use them.


“You find its the small things that really make a huge difference in hospital; the flats looking like a home make a massive difference. Pictures on the wall, a tv, your own shower, even having a comfy sofa to sit on!”

Family room

Tiny Lives pays for equipment for use in the family room, including a TV and DVD player. This room offers parents and siblings a space to relax while they are on the unit.
Family Room Image Crop

Storage lockers

Tiny Lives has met the cost of installing storage lockers in the ward so that parents have somewhere to keep their personal belongings while spending time with their baby.


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