Education and training

Picture1All of the staff on the unit need to take part in education and training activities to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. This helps to make sure that the babies in their care benefit from the latest advances in medicine and nursing practice.

By meeting the costs associated with courses, conferences and training events, Tiny Lives provides a significant boost to the amount of training that staff can take part in. This, in turn, improves the care provided for the babies.

“The quality of the care that we deliver is absolutely dependent upon the skills, the training, the expertise of our nurses. They have to go to conferences, they have to go on training, they have to get an extra education. Somebody has to pay for it and that’s where Tiny Lives comes in. It is very, very important.”  (Consultant, Ward 35)

Training courses, workshops, and conferences funded by Tiny Lives in recent years include:

  •  Neonatal Transport Special Interest Group Conference 2012 attended by the transport team
  •  a 2-day training workshop on Infant & Toddler Development attended by the Paediatric Physiotherapist
  •  a Neonatal Life Support training day attended by nursing staff
  •  a national conference on Improving Neo Natal Care
  •  a course on Managing Drugs and Alcohol Abuse in the Community Setting to help nursing staff deal with babies and their families suffering from drugs and alcohol abuse/withdrawal.

Sim BabyTiny Lives has also funded the purchase of SimBabyTM infant patient simulator which allows staff to practice responding to a wide range of scenarios and develop their individual and team working skills in a safe environment. This is a vital training tool for the unit, and you can find out more here.


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